“Would you like to enter your car into the show?”

Not quite what I expected to hear when I wound down the window on the bug on arriving at Escrick Park near York on Sunday. Had I even dreamt it was, I would have at least washed the car before heading up there for this year’s VW Field of Dreams! Maybe that makes me a bad owner, especially seeing as it was Betty’s 43rd birthday….

I’d had a potter around last year’s VW Field of Dreams up at York Racecourse, and was really interested to see how the new venue would fit the show (or should that be the other way round?), which is now in its second year. Two of the key things for me about the show are that a) it’s in the north, and b) it’s aircooled only. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against watercooled stuff, I just prefer the aircooled variety!

Overall, the show seemed really well organised, with a good selection of traders and relaxed atmosphere. I wish I’d bought my day ticket in advance, as I’m not sure that (for its current size) £10 for the day represents the best value out there. But that’s my own fault for being a disorganised sod! Maybe camping for the weekend might be the way to go in future? Especially as there seemed to be a pretty packed entertainment schedule from what I could tell, including a screening of Circle the Wagen which, having seen the trailer, I’m now desperate to see!

I’m hopeful that the show n shine will grow as the show becomes more popular and, gauging by the numbers on view, buses are still enjoying a greater popularity than bugs. And next year (already pencilled in for 11th – 13th September), the bug will definitely be clean before I head on over! Someone else may need to drive the bus over in that case…..

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