Having not made it to Sandown Park last year, we were excited to be returning this year. I think that, along with Stanford Hall, the Volksworld Show is probably one of my favourite shows. The quality of the cars on display is always extremely high, and this year was no different. Brad was also particularly looking forward to this year’s show, not only because we were promised extra treats with it being the 60th anniversary of the Karmann Ghia, but because his daughter Nels would be attending her first VW show at the tender age of about 15 months!

Whilst the quality of the cars on display is always phenomenal, and Sandown Park has been a great home to the show for many years, I can’t help but think that it is perhaps time for a change in venue. Either that, or perhaps they need to sell fewer tickets, because it’s getting to the point now where it’s just too busy to be enjoyable. Or take decent photographs. And don’t get me started on the swapmeet upstairs – we took one look at it and turned right around!

When you consider that one of the selling points for the show was the 60th anniversary celebrations for the KG, I must admit we were left disappointed by the presentation of the pretty rare KG prototypes for the show that the Volksworld guys had brought in. There was virtually no information on the cars themselves, and putting them on display in a bottleneck just wasn’t going to work with the numbers of people at the show.

But I have no doubt we’ll be back!

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