Volksworld Appearance

After we got back from the trip to France, I thought I might drop Volksworld Magazine a short note, mainly because I thought they might find it interesting. It didn’t really occur to me that they would print it in the magazine, and never did I dream that they would select it as their Star Letter for the December 2011 issue!

I think the woman in the WH Smith’s at Leicester Forest East services must have thought I was mental when I was paying for it – I’d had a really quick look through the magazine before heading to the checkout and was massively gidddy about seeing the bug and the text of the email in there!

I think Brad and Ros might also have thought I was mental when I rocked up at their place as giddy as a kipper later that evening! Maybe I am a little mental – but I’m also super proud of that little orange car – I’ve been reading Volksworld on and off since about 1997 so to see my photo of her sitting there in the sunshine was absolutely awesome!