Here we are in May and we’re already at post number four for the year, which is the sum total of last year’s efforts. This last bank holiday weekend was not only apparently the hottest on record, but also saw me return to Stanford Hall for Leicestershire and Warwickshire VW Owner’s Club annual show. This was the 42nd year of the show and it’s without doubt my favourite – although it seems it’s four years since I last made it there!

In addition to doing a couple of hundred trouble-free miles in the bug, I managed to find a paint supplier who could colour match the paint and sorted me out with a couple of rattle cans so that I can have a go at sorting some of the areas of surface rust. The fellas at Regional Paint in Leeds couldn’t have been more helpful and thanks to their great service I doubt it will be the last time I make a purchase from them.

Getting the filler flap off so that they could scan it was another of those “5 minute” jobs on a VW that took way longer in the end than it should have done and resulted in some rather salty language! Especially when it occurred to me that I could have just used the glovebox lid instead…… I think it’s pretty safe to say that Betty isn’t Kasan Red as she left the factory according to her birth certificate. In fact, she’s actually closer to a GM shade of red from their 1978 – 1979 range.

Saturday also saw Jim take Lucille in to see Ben at Robertson’s Restos down in Leighton Buzzard so that he can get a quote for the restoration. I’ll be intrigued to see what the quote comes in at!

Anyway, back to Stanford Hall and I’ll probably just let the photos do the talking. What I will say though, is that for me it has everything a good show should have. A fantastic variety of mainly aircooled cars in a great setting and all for only a tenner. I guess the wall to wall sunshine also helped! The one car I absolutely fell in love with was a dark silver oval on the Clique 53 display – those guys sure know a thing or two about stylish Volkswagens.

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