Seeing as I was nowhere near as hung over following Darryl and Jo’s wedding as perhaps I might have been after some other weddings (ok, most other weddings) I’ve been to over the years, and the sun was shining I decided to pop in to the lovely Stanford Hall on my way back up north to check out some very, very nice old VWs.

Sadly, I didn’t grab some cash from the machine in the hotel we’d stayed at in Stratford, as it would appear that there were precisely zero cash machines en route to Stanford Hall. The net result being an extra 44 miles on my journey before I came across a cash machine at some services on the A14…….

With some cash eventually in my wallet, I arrived at the show about an hour after I originally thought I would. But it was worth it. When the sun shines at Stanford Hall, there are few shows I’d rather be at – it’s a beautiful setting, and the quality of the cars on display was superb. Much as it was last year!

In other news, I’ve eventually sold the Clio. So whilst it’s a little strange having gone from a 3 car family to being a 2 car family, the great thing is that it means we can get a new engine in the back of the bug and also get the front suspension sorted out so the bottom of the ball joint isn’t grinding on the inside of the wheel! Can’t wait to get the tangerine dream machine back on the road – and she needs a good wash having seen how dusty she was at the weekend!

And, after almost 12 years, the postcards from Wolfsburg are framed and on the wall in the flat!

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