It feels like forever since we saw any sunshine, although it does seem as though winter may finally be giving way to spring.  Having fallen victim to the snow back in March, this year’s Spring Dub up at the Yorkshire Showground in Harrogate had been rescheduled for the middle of April so Mat and I spent a very pleasant couple of hours up there this weekend.  It seems it’s been three years since I last went – I have genuinely no idea where that went!

Due to the greater percentage of water cooled cars, previous visits have seen me question whether the show is really for me and I don’t think that view has really changed.  In my view,  unless (like us) you’ve bought a discounted ticket in advance, I don’t think the £12 you would pay on the door at Spring Dub represents great value for money – particularly when you compare it with a show like Stanford Hall for example.  It certainly seemed as though the overall number of cars on show was lower than in previous years and there also appeared to be fewer people visiting the show. That’s not a scientific observation in any way, just a gut feeling, and could be because we were there pretty early.

The advantage of there being fewer people meant that it was much more comfortable to take advantage of the merch opportunities and for once I did actually make a couple of purchases. I am so rock n roll these days that I picked a couple of tea towels (officially licensed by Volkswagen no less) and a pretty sweet tee shirt for a fiver that is certainly not officially licensed by anyone! I did also invest in a fridge magnet with the photo of the bug that was taken as we rolled into the show. Pricey, but worth it!

Oh Vienna!

Over the Easter weekend, Brad and I travelled to Vienna to see a little rock band called Metallica. That in itself is another story, but of course we’re always on the look out for old VWs. Sadly we didn’t get the chance to snap the rather lovely old Porsche 356 that we saw, but I did manage to get a couple of photos of an LT35 that was being used as a promo vehicle for some sort of religious organisation. Right up my straße!

In an echo of Harewood Hall a few years ago I forgot to put the memory card back in the camera following the Vienna trip. Fortunately the camera on my phone is a little better than it was on the old iPhone 4……..

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