Spring Dub is a new show (I think) and for once it’s in the North! Held at the Great Yorkshire Showground just outside of Harrogate, it’s just a short run up the A1 from me so was a great excuse to give the bus a good run to my first show of 2013. Thanks to a puncture on the Clio midweek, the bug had been out and about quite a bit so it’s only fair that Clarence had an outing! Bearing in mind how chilly it’s been, I’m glad I decided against camping!

And I may well have purchased some new merch…..

So a quick check on Google Maps as to how to get there, and off we went. Typically, the lovely spring sunshine we’ve enjoyed this week decided against showing itself, so it was rather chilly and I was more than ready for a coffee by the time we arrived. The queue to get in was something of a surprise – I dread to think what it must be like when the Great Yorkshire Show is on!

Hopefully the show will grow – especially the air cooled side of things as it certainly seemed to be dominated by water cooled VWs – and whilst there were a handful of traders there, none of the names you normally expect to see were in attendance. There’s definitely the appetite out there, as could be seen by the number of cars in the car park, so let’s hope that word gets out. There just aren’t as many shows in the North as the South, which is a real shame.

In other news, following another shocker of a week (thanks HMRC!) I treated myself to a new tee shirt courtesy of the lovely chaps at Aircooled Apparel who also threw in some free stickers, which are always appreciated! The countdown to Easter is in full flow, and I can’t wait to get together with Nick and Darryl and their respective busses! Although before then it’s the Volksworld Show at Sandown with Bradmundo – exciting times!

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