So here we are in 2014 – and what a difference a year makes! I can’t even remember last January and whilst in some ways that’s quite a scary thought, it’s probably for the best.

12 months on, and the new job is going ok and 10 days before Christmas I moved into a lovely new flat.

There’s plenty of room to have stuff on the walls – indeed the framed version of the letter to Volksworld was the first thing to get put up, and there’s every chance that in the next few weeks the postcards from Wolfsburg will also make it onto the walls.

I’d also forgotten that I’d made the key rack from one of Clarence’s old US number plates!

As part of the preparations for the move, I’d come to the conclusion that I needed to sell Clarence, as storage was going to be a real issue. But to get the best price for him, he needed a lick of paint. John did a great job of giving him a once over, but the net result was that I’ve now decided that I can’t actually sell him! Instead, the Clio is going to be moved on, which will fund a new engine for the bug, and a couple of jobs that need doing on Clarence, who now looks like a completely different bus!

Whilst sorting out stuff in the new flat, I also came across a photo of the original supasatsuma, my old ’74 bug which was about as rotten as they come! I know there are more photos of it kicking around, I just have no idea where they are!

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