Flooring It

We didn’t manage to get to the Waterloo Inn last year and it took an inordinate amount of faff to get a date that we could all make but I finally got together with Nick and Darryl down in the Peaks at the end of March. We did well to get on the site as it was pretty much full, despite the crappy weather. Naturally there was a fair amount of beer consumed, aided by the fact it was the last weekend of the 6 Nations. England losing to the Irish didn’t dampen spirits in the pub that night though and we made a fair few new friends.

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A Rooster Says……

Forgive the title, it’s tenuous at best. 2017 is the year of the rooster apparently and, seeing as this is my first post of the year, a questionable reference to a Soundgarden song was the best I could come up with! The 22 visitors the site had from Iraq last summer might need that one explaining should they decided to make a return visit. Wonder if having Iraqi visitors to your website affects whether you’re allowed into the USA these days? The world is an even more bonkers place than when I last posted – it’s probably best to stick to waffling about old Volkswagens rather than making any sort of political statement though. There’s a degree of irony in that I guess, considering global politics has a very 1930s kinda vibe about it these days.

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The French Road Trip – Part Deux

5 years ago Dee and I visited my great grandfather’s grave on the Somme in the bug on the 95th anniversary of his death. With 2016 seeing the centenary a plan was hatched to pay my respects again, this time in Clarence¬†as part of a larger trip around northern France. Matt and I thought that throwing in a trip to Normandy to see the D-Day landing beaches would make for a pretty decent summer holiday.

All in all we covered over 1300 miles without a recovery truck in sight! I did have to change a brake light bulb but, other than that and the obligatory topping up of his oil, Clarence didn’t miss a beat.

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Worth the Wait

It’s been a period of discovery of late. Perhaps that should be rediscovery. Whilst we’re not talking about anything particularly groundbreaking, it’s often these little moments that brighten up the drudgery of the day to day routine. The photos of the bug having just come back from the paint shop in 1994 for example, which I rediscovered over the weekend whilst sorting through some old paperwork. I’m not sure why I didn’t scan them in the first place. Maybe I’d just broken the Joomla site again so wasn’t really in the mood! It’s hard to think that paint job is 22 years old – although she’s looking more orange than red these days! I also came across a few recovery truck photos – I think some are from the Salisbury trip and the others (obviously) are from the trip to T2D to get Clarence lowered.

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Broadsword Calling Danny Boy

Well that last post got a little morose in places, didn’t it? No such nonsense this time around! (I can’t guarantee that it will be nonsense free, just free of morose nonsense.) I’m also trying to write a little more regularly than previously, which should be made all the more easier by virtue of the fact that I have finally migrated the site away from Joomla onto WordPress. Whether that matters, of course, is anyone’s guess because I’m not even sure anyone reads any of this! We’ve also finally started making plans for mine and Brad’s epic adventure of driving Betty and Carlos over to Wolfsburg and (hopefully) back.

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Mixed Feelings

Anniversaries are funny old things. There seem to be quite a few kicking around these days. Some I remember without even thinking about it – I quit the smokes (again) 1 year and 8 months ago this week (16th), it’s Dee’s birthday on the 21st – and there are others that you’re only reminded of because the great god of Facebook chooses to remind you of them. One such Facebook “Memory” as they call them (I think)is that it was apparently four years ago that I drove Clarence down to the Type 2 Detectives in Cambridgeshire to get him lowered. It wasn’t the cheapest trip, and whilst we did at least avoid catching fire completely (there was some smoke), both legs of the journey were finished on the back of a recovery truck. 2012 wasn’t a good year for recovery trucks (and other things) but I’m pleased to say we haven’t been on one since! And before you say anything, I know I shouldn’t be thinking about my ex-fianc√©. Seems to be happening a lot these days though. It still makes me incredibly sad. The fact that work is not going too great at the moment isn’t helping my current mood either. Maybe I’m just losing it.

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