Right In The Pushrod Tubes

Not long after picking the bug up from those lovely chaps at Westwood Car Storage, rather a large oil leak appeared. Turns out the pushrod tubes weren’t in the best shape. And it wasn’t just the pushrod tubes – had I maybe been looking back at VW ownership through rose tinted glasses? Perhaps the “fully restored” beetle I’d bought may not have been restored quite as well as I had orginally thought? Both scenarios were distinctly possible – apparently even in the VW world there are people who claim to be something they arent’t……

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Volksworld Show 2012

The weekend of 24 – 25 March saw the annual Volksworld Show at Sandown Park race course down in Esher in Surrey. I went along with Brad and his other half to introduce them to the obsession of VW ownership as he’s looking to buy a Karmann Ghia. Although I do believe that after the show he’s now open to the idea of multiple VW ownership! We were lucky enough to be smiled upon by the sun gods for my first visit to the show since the late 90s – and a little like Dubfreeze it’s grown hugely in the interim.

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The Beginning

Late July 2010. My 10 year old Saxo had just died, and I was in need of some new wheels. Me being me, something sensible wasn’t very high on the list, and thoughts immediately turned to old VWs. I’d had a bright orange ’74 some 10 years previously which the Saxo had replaced – whilst I’d done over 80,000 miles in it in the four years I’d owned it, the quote for the MOT work was just too high, and commuting 50 miles a day meant I needed something reliable. Rust had been the main offender, so this time around I was going to make sure that I wouldn’t end up with another basket case.

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