That’s not me wondering how something went wrong on a Volkswagen (insert emission gag here), that’s me wondering how it’s gone from July to being October all of a sudden. September in particular just seems to have evaporated (4 days in Dublin probably didn’t help!). There are so many clichés kicking around about time going by faster the older you get, but I’m starting to think there might be some truth in it. Which in turns makes me think I might be starting to think like an old man. (Or an annoying old tw*t if some people are to be believed.) So in the last few months, what’s been going on? Not a fat lot to be honest; well not on the Volkswagen front anyway.

September saw Betty’s 44th birthday – sadly I was in Dublin for work at the time – but not long beforehand she was treated to a new exhaust for the bug (thanks GSF for the lovely 35% off deal!). She sounds much less like a Spitfire now. And the more I see of the guys at the Herbie Hospital, the happier I am. Both the bug and the bus will be heading there soon to have the electric windscreen washer kits (thanks again GSF!) fitted, and Clarence will eventually get the rest of those seals fitted.

I did also find out that a pair of K2 Public Enemies will comfortably fit in the front of the bug on my way over to see my old pal Karen in Manchester a few weeks back, so that’s good to know. Fortunately I can still ski too, because it’s only 15 weeks until we’re back (home) in La Plagne.

I was just about to write that I didn’t manage to get to any shows, but that’s an utter nonsense because I did get along to Harewood House for this year’s VW Festival! I didn’t seem to get too many photos so, rather than do a separate post, you’ll find them below.

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