It must be over 12 years since I’ve been to Dubfreeze at the County Showground in Stafford, so I was eager to see what had changed in the time since I last visited. My main observation was that it was a whole lt busier than it was last time I made the trip – it was absolutely heaving! Due to the weather being pretty awful the night before – there was a fair bit of snow around – I decided to leave the bug firmly tucked up in the garage for the 250 odd mile round trip.

One of my intentions was to perhaps pick up a few bits and pieces for the bus, but to be honest it was so busy that I could barely get close to any of the stands! In a bizarre coincidence I bumped into the guy who I’d bought the bus off on the way into the show hall. Whilst there were a few cars in the show and shine, I actually enjoyed the wander round the car park much more. Mainly because I could actually breathe!


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