Not only did I think it was a good idea to change jobs (the jury is still out on that one) but because my landlord was putting the Concord Street Clarendon up for sale, I also found myself moving house a month or so ago. Whilst I remain to be convinced about the new job, I’m super pleased with the new place. I’ve had half an eye on moving out to the country for a while now and this place ticks pretty much all the boxes. Not only is it an easy enough commute by train, but it has a garage. And an outside tap……

There are loads of positives about having moved out of the city, not least that it’s a whole lot less stabby. I’d forgotten just how much of a faff moving house actually is and a month on I reckon I’m just about organised in the new place. It’s so good to have a garage – although I found out today that the bus is just that little bit too long to fit in there. Dear Santa, please could I have a Just Kampers Deluxe Breathable Cover for Christmas?

The new flat itself is actually a fair bit smaller than Concord St, but having a bunch of storage space means that that isn’t really an issue. The fact it’s not on the 5th floor also means that loading the bus should be a whole lot quicker and easier.  Being only a couple of miles outside Ilkley, this place is really going to come into its own in the spring and summer.  Especially with it being half an hour closer to the Lake District……

The spring seems like quite a way off at the moment, what with Christmas only being a couple of weeks away.  At least the gig calendar has picked up over the last couple of months and we’ll be finishing the year of with a Black Stone Cherry double header. We’ve not seen them for two years now and amazingly these next two gigs will see them drawing level with Depeche Mode as the band I’ve seen the most frequently. Super looking forward to that.

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