The French Road Trip – Part Deux

5 years ago Dee and I visited my great grandfather’s grave on the Somme in the bug on the 95th anniversary of his death. With 2016 seeing the centenary a plan was hatched to pay my respects again, this time in Clarence as part of a larger trip around northern France. Matt and I thought that […]

Worth the Wait

It’s been a period of discovery of late. Perhaps that should be rediscovery. Whilst we’re not talking about anything particularly groundbreaking, it’s often these little moments that brighten up the drudgery of the day to day routine. The photos of the bug having just come back from the paint shop in 1994 for example, which […]

Broadsword Calling Danny Boy

Well that last post got a little morose in places, didn’t it? No such nonsense this time around! (I can’t guarantee that it will be nonsense free, just free of morose nonsense.) I’m also trying to write a little more regularly than previously, which should be made all the more easier by virtue of the […]