Strange Days

Seeing as we’re pretty much confined to barracks during the middle of a global pandemic, there isn’t really any excuse for not bringing the site up to date. Not that a massive amount of VW related stuff has happened so far in 2020 thanks to a ridiculously wet start to the year and now Covid-19. I’m not going to dwell on the fact that Clarence and me should have been going to the Lakes next week, because there are so many people who are in a much worse position than I am, but I couldn’t help but have a wry smile to myself at the irony of the weather forecast being wall to wall sunshine!!

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It’s Been a While

Well this post has been sitting on my desktop for a while now, originally saved as “August post”. The original opening paragraph complained that the weather was October-esque and here we are now in October (actually November now) and yeah, that was a pretty accurate description! So yet again, there’s been a fair old gap between posts. Not that there are hoardes of disappointed visitors to the site, I’m sure! It’s been a busy 5 months since Stanford Hall including three further trips to the Lakes. I can’t quite believe that it’s coming up to the end of my first year living in Burley in Wharfedale – how did that happen??

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Stanford Hall 2019

I don’t think I’ve made a secret of it, but Stanford Hall is my favourite VW show. It’s great value for money, the bulk of cars on show are predominantly air cooled and, over the last few years, the weather is usually rather decent. It’s nearly always something I go to on my own (not a complaint) so it was rather unusual to be joined by a whole bunch of other people this year!

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Double Lake Action

I’m kinda digging the new layout for the site. Still not quite got the hang of the whole blocks thing, but I’m sure we’ll get there. Not sure I share the same confidence with the new job. Well, I say new, but it’s been pretty much 7 months now. They must be reasonably happy with me I guess because I passed the 6 month probationary period last month. Anyway, that’s enough boring work nonsense. In much more interesting news last month saw Clarence and I return to the Lakes and I made a start on some remedial paintwork on the bug!

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Plans Afoot

The passage of time seems to be a continual theme and that’s probably because there’s usually a gap of a few months between posts! It’s early March and my first trip away in Clarence this year is only 5 weeks away. We seem to be foregoing the usual March trip to the Peaks this year unfortunately, but at least it isn’t too long until I’m back up in the Lake District. We’re even booked in for a trip up there in August following the bank holiday – can’t remember the last time I had two weeks off booked this early in the year!

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All Change Please

Not only did I think it was a good idea to change jobs (the jury is still out on that one) but because my landlord was putting the Concord Street Clarendon up for sale, I also found myself moving house a month or so ago. Whilst I remain to be convinced about the new job, I’m super pleased with the new place. I’ve had half an eye on moving out to the country for a while now and this place ticks pretty much all the boxes. Not only is it an easy enough commute by train, but it has a garage. And an outside tap……

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